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Spoleto is a town of Roman origin situated at the head of a deep valley in east central Umbria in central Italy. Its fine castle (Rocca) and numerous Roman remains make it an important tourist destination in Umbria. The history of Spoleto is long and well-documented.

The Spoleto Tourist Information Office is located just off central Corso Mazzini.

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Spoleto Rocca and town

In keeping with traditions in the rest of Umbria and elsewhere in Italy, Spoleto celebrates "Corteo delle Vaite" and is, of course, divided into vaite, each vaite having its own banner. 

Le Vaite del XVI secolo August 15 - Feast of the Assumption

Le Vaite: This event takes place from 15 August (Ferragosto) to the first Sunday of September in honour of Lucrezia Borgia who was a Spoleto governor in 1499 and includes mediaeval dinners, tournaments, historical parades, conferences, concerts, cinemas, exhibitions and more. The costume parade and the show of flag-wavers, archers, crossbowmen, horsemen ends the feast.

Spoleto Festival of Le Vaite

Le Vaite Festival, Spoleto

Ponte delle Torri

Ponte delle Torri acquaduct, Spoleto


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